Our Stories are Valuable

I’m still alive. 27 years on this Earth. A microscopic amount of time compared to the existence of the universe. 

What do I do with this time that I’ve been gifted? I’ve always put so much pressure on myself to make sure I spend my time doing valuable things. However, I’ve finally realized that no matter what I decide to do with my time, it is automatically valuable because it’s how I chose to spend the time. 

The most valuable possession we all have is time. 

With our time in this world, we have moments and our experiences. We share those moments and experiences through stories. 

Therefore, our stories are valuable. 

I wonder if what makes our stories so valuable is the power of them….the power of our stories connecting us….the power of our stories causing us to feel. Our stories connect us through feelings.

We need to share our stories. By sharing your story, you are improving the universe. 

Hear me out. Connections with others provide good energy to others, which results in more good energy in the universe. So ultimately sharing your value can affirm others’ value in the universe, and it spreads good energy all around. 

If you are thinking, “I don’t really have a story to tell,” then you are mistaken. We are all walking around as authors to our own story. No one has lived your exact experiences. No one else can narrate your perspective of your life. 

If you feel your story is boring, it is still valuable. Your story can be: “I was born. I grew up with my family. I got a job. I got kids. I watch tv for fun. I’m just living.” That is valuable! Your story may seem boring to you, but it is probably relatable to other people, AND there are details throughout your day-to-day that connect you to others while still being unique. 

If you feel your story is full of sadness, it is still valuable. Sharing the pain throughout your life will connect with many others who also experience pain. Everyone has different levels of suffering, but we can empathize since the package deal of the human experience includes suffering. Hearing how you navigate through pain can help someone navigate through their pain. That is valuable! 

Essentially your story is a piece of the puzzle of this universe. Your time here connects with other people’s time here and answers the existential questions bestowed upon us. 

By and by, I plan to share my story because I am understanding my worth in this world. Hope you share your story as well.

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